Faculty and

At INSEAD, the culture of excellence that permeates all aspects of the school begins with our faculty.

Identifying trends in a fast-moving business world, the faculty extend the boundaries of business knowledge through their widely-recognised research. They also bring their talent, expertise and experience into the classroom — igniting debate and discussion among top students from every corner of the globe.

Recognised Excellence

INSEAD faculty leverage their teaching prowess by developing innovative pedagogical approaches, materials and programmes for their students. Of note, four faculty members were named the Case Centre’s top 40 bestselling authors for the academic year 2015/2016.

This follows the extraordinary success in 2014 when INSEAD faculty were recognised for having six of the top 10 bestselling cases by the Case Centre for the last 40 years.

INSEAD’s thought leaders also garnered research and emerging scholars’ awards, lifetime achievement recognition, service awards and a coveted editorial appointment (see below).

We currently have 60 research staff who support faculty across our three campuses. Our well-outfitted libraries with knowledgeable staff also underpin academic excellence at INSEAD.

Assistant Professor Jennifer Petriglieri teaching the MBA elective Psychological Issues in Management
Bracket Assistant Professor Jennifer Petriglieri teaching the MBA elective 'Psychological Issues in Management'


Brilliant minds from around the world make up our faculty, and in 2015/2016, they were more prodigious than ever in their output.

We currently boast


faculty who represent



In 2015/2016, they wrote


journal articles,


working papers and


chapters in



Centres of Excellence

At INSEAD, we have 18 Centres of Excellence, vibrant research hubs that serve as gateways between academia and practice. Some centres address pressing business issues, such as the Emerging Markets Institute, while others have a history of tackling fundamental business topics such as the Centre for Entrepreneurship. The Blue Ocean Strategy Institute has gained recognition around the world for its unique systematic approach to strategic success.

At these centres, our faculty collaborate with business professionals, government officials, alumni, visiting fellows, scholars and others to produce world-class research and state-of-the-art learning technologies.

For this report, we highlight one Centre of Excellence, the INSEAD Corporate Governance Initiative (ICGI). This centre positions INSEAD as the world’s leading international business school in corporate governance education.

Since its launch in 2010, ICGI has trained more than 1,000 board members, C-Suite executives and professionals working with boards. With Executive Education, the initiative has also developed expertise to design specific programmes for the boards of major corporations.

The 30 faculty members contributing to the initiative designed innovative pedagogical materials such as board simulations, 360° feedbacks specific to directors, case studies and reports to support the courses.

New Faculty Hires

During the first week of September, our seven newly recruited faculty joined us for a ‘Welcome Day‘ on the Europe campus. Greeted by staff and faculty, the new professors participated in our ‘Learning Management Education’ (LME) workshop led by Gianpiero Petriglieri, Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour.

Collaborating to create business knowledge.
Bracket Collaborating to create business knowledge.


An A to Z of our groundbreaking, game-changing research hubs.

  • Blue Ocean Strategy Institute
  • Centre for Economic Growth
  • Centre for Entrepreneurship
  • Corporate Governance Initiative
  • Decision Making and Risk Analysis
  • eLab
  • Emerging Markets Institute
  • European Competitiveness
  • Global Leadership
  • Global Private Equity Initiative
  • Healthcare Management
  • Innovation and Policy Initiative
  • INSEAD-Sorbonne
  • University Behavioural Lab
  • INSEAD-Wharton Center for Global Research and Education
  • Learning Innovation and Teaching Excellence
  • Randomized Controlled
  • Trials Lab
  • Social Innovation
  • Wendel International Centre for Family Business

New Faculty

This year, INSEAD welcomed seven new faculty — from seven different countries — to the Europe and Asia campuses. This international cohort not only has made promising research contributions in their fields but also has shown true talent in the classroom.

Ilze Kivleniece Bracket

Ilze Kivleniece, Latvia Assistant Professor of Strategy

Kivleniece holds a PhD in Strategic Management from HEC Paris and was a faculty member at Imperial College Business School. Her research focuses on connecting strategic management with broader issues related to the interaction between firms and public, political or social environments.

Naveen Gondhi Bracket

Naveen Gondhi, India Assistant Professor of Finance

Gondhi obtained a PhD in Finance from Kellogg School of Management. At INSEAD, he teaches Financial Markets and Valuation in the MBA programme. His research investigates the impact of limited attention of firm managers for macroeconomic variables and asset prices.

Thomas Keusch Bracket

Thomas Keusch, Germany Assistant Professor of Accounting and Control

Prior to joining INSEAD, Keusch was on the faculty of Erasmus University Rotterdam. He received his PhD at Maastricht University. At INSEAD, Keusch teaches Managerial Accounting in the MBA programme. His research interests include corporate governance, shareholder activism and risk management.

Sergei Glebkin Bracket

Sergei Glebkin, Russia Assistant Professor of Finance

Glebkin’s research focuses on asset pricing theory, market microstructure and information economics. He holds a PhD in Finance from London School of Economics, MA in Economics from New Economic School, Moscow, and BSc and MSc in Physics from Moscow State University.

Juan Ma Bracket

Juan Ma, China Assistant Professor of Strategy

Ma earned a doctorate in Business Administration with a specialisation in Strategy from Harvard University. Her research tackles institutional distrust, product market failures and institutional corruption in financial markets. Ma’s work has been cited by media outlets including the Financial Times and Forbes.

Shiwon Song Bracket

Shiwon Song, Korea Assistant Professor of Accounting and Control

Song obtained her PhD at the USC Leventhal School of Accounting after studying at the London School of Economics and working at PricewaterhouseCoopers. Her research interests include strategic disclosures, qualitative accounting information and the informational impact of accounting on capital markets and product markets.

Ville Satopaa Bracket

Ville Satopää, Finland Assistant Professor of Technology and Operations Management

Satopää’s research explores different areas of forecasting: judgmental and statistical forecasting, modeling crowdsourced predictions, combining and evaluating different predictions and information elicitation. He received his PhD from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.


Readership for Knowledge, our expert opinion and management insights portal, has surged over the past year.

The INSEAD Knowledge app, launched in 2015, has vastly expanded the reach of our content, both within and outside the INSEAD community. The number of app users is growing by about 10% every month. Approximately one year post-launch, the app surpassed the Knowledge website in terms of monthly page views.

Knowledge is available for free at the iTunes App Store and Google Play
Bracket Knowledge is available for free at the iTunes App Store and Google Play

Social media growth remains vibrant as well, with upwards of 15% of website traffic originating from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Knowledge’s social media accounts receive thousands of new followers every month. Across both mobile devices and desktop, INSEAD Knowledge content was viewed more than three million times during 2016.

Knowledge’s roster of contributors now includes 122 faculty members. Looking ahead to 2017, we continue our internal outreach efforts in hopes of achieving still-greater faculty participation.


With an incredible number of monthly page views and downloads, the portal took off in 2016. During the year, we saw:


monthly page views,


monthly click-throughs from social media


app downloads monthly


social media followers


subscribers to weekly email.

PhD in Management

INSEAD’s PhD programme is consistently ranked as one of the best in the world, based on where the graduates achieve placements.

For the 2016 Financial Times MBA ranking, we are proud that our placement record of 46% of PhD graduates in ‘Top 50 Schools’ puts us as #1 in the world for this category.

This outstanding placement record, a reflection of the efforts and abilities of our PhD graduates, also speaks to our faculty’s commitment to selecting, teaching and mentoring these students.

A Diverse Intellectual Community

Even though INSEAD is one of the largest, most prestigious business schools in the world, the PhD programme is purposefully kept small, intimate — and highly diverse. A typical intake has as many nationalities as it does participants, each bringing different perspectives and experiences to the classroom and their research.

The programme runs across the Europe and Asia campuses. The exchange programme with the Wharton School in the United States adds another option for study and collaboration.

Future Scholars

The international, cultural and geographical diversity of our PhD programme lends itself to a unique interdisciplinary approach when it comes to research. Participants benefit from our faculty’s innovative course delivery and pioneering online content. Readied by our faculty’s close attention, insights and guidance, our PhD students go on to become thought leaders in business academia.

Professor teaching maths


Participants in our PhD in Management programme come from all corners of the globe and end up at the world's best schools.

In 2015/2016, our intake was made up of



who came from as many as



Female representation was up to


Faculty Recognition and Awards



Administrative Science Quarterly

Henrich Greve

2015 Early Career Award

Society for Neuroeconomics

Hilke Plassmann

2016 Emerging Scholar Award

Strategic Management Society

Guoli Chen

Winner, 2016 Outstanding Contribution to the Case Method

The Case Centre

Pierre Chandon

2016 Singapore’s Most Influential Business Professors Aged 40 and Under

Singapore Business Review

Guoli Chen, Roderick Swaab


Runner Up, 2015 Award, The Health Applications Society


Stephen E. Chick, Martin Forster, Paolo Pertile

Finalist, Wings of Excellence Award

University of St Gallen

David Clough

2015 Strategy Research Foundation Dissertation Scholarship

Strategic Management Society

David Clough

2015 Best Student Paper Award Manufacturing & Service Operations Management


Ashish Kabra, Elena Belavina, Karan Girotra

2016 Best Doctoral Student Conference Paper Award

European Finance Association

Jim Goldman

2015 Strategy Research Foundation Dissertation Scholarship

Strategic Management Society

Yidi Guo

Finalist, 2016 Best Paper Award

Strategic Management Society

Matthew Lee, Laura Huang

2016 Best Student Paper Competition, Second-place Prize, The Seventh POMS-HK International Conference 

Production and Operations Management Society

Bhavani Shanker Uppari, Sameer Hasija

Finalist, 2016 Best Paper Award

Academy of Management Annual Meeting

Quy Huy, Scott Sonenshein, Henrik Bresman

Winner, 2016 Life Achievement Award

DVWO, managerSeminare, GSA, GABAL Verlag, Speakers Excellence

Manfred Kets de Vries

2015 Finalist, Strategic Human Capital Interest Group Best Paper Prize

Strategic Management Society

Sunke Lee, Philipp Meyer-Doyle

2015 Runner Up, (Honorable Mention) to the Strategic Management Society Best Paper Award

Strategic Management Society

Sunke Lee, Philipp Meyer-Doyle

Finalist, 2015 Best Doctoral Student Paper Award

Israel Strategy Conference

Sunke Lee, Philipp Meyer-Doyle

2015 Best Student Paper Award

POMS College of Product and Technology Management


Tian Chan, Jürgen Mihm, Manuel Sosa

Nominated for 2016 “That's Interesting!" Award

Academy of International Business Conference

Felipe Monteiro, Sergio Lazzarini, Insper Luiz Mesquita

Runner Up, 2016 Best Paper Award, Management and Organizational Cognition (MOC) division

Academy of Management Annual Meeting

Gianpiero Petriglieri

Selected as one of 12 Impactful Articles published in the Leading Marketing Journals

Marketing Science Institute

Hilke Plassmann, Vinod Venkatraman, Scott Huettel, Carolyn Yoon

2015 Citations of Excellence

Emerald Citations of Excellence

Phanish Puranam, Ranjay Gulati, Michael Tushman

2015 Best Student Paper Award

Academy of Management Annual Meeting

Michael Schaerer

Nominated for 2016 Best Conference Paper Award

Strategic Management Society

Sorah Seong

Nominated for 2016 Carolyn Dexter Award for Best International Paper

Academy of Management Annual Meeting

Jasjit Singh, Serguei Netessine, Nina Teng

Nominated for 2016 Best Conference Paper Award

Strategic Management Society

Jasjit Singh, Serguei Netessine

Best Paper Award

Academy of Management Annual Meeting

Douglas Frank, Craig Smith

Finalist, 2016 Best Paper Award

Strategic Management Society

Ithai Stern, Razvan Lungeanu

2015 Best Proposal Award

Strategy Process Interest Group Strategic Management Society

Strategic Management Society

Daniel Mack, Gabriel Szulanski

2015 Best Doctoral Student Paper Award

Israel Strategy Conference

Daniel Mack, Gabriel Szulanski

Runner Up, Decision Analysis Special Recognition Award 2015

Decision Analysis

Otso Massala, Ilia Tsetlin

2016 Best Graduate Student Poster Award

Society for Personality and Social Psychology

Christilene Du Plessis, Michael Schaerer, Andy Yap, Stefan Thau

Best Conference Student Led Paper Award

International Association for Conflict Management

Christilene Du Plessis, Michael Schaerer, Andy Yap, Stefan Thau


Overall Winner, 2016 Case Awards

The Case Centre

Haiyang Yang, Pierre Chandon

Winner, 2016 Case Centre Awards Human Resource Management / Organisational Behaviour Category

The Case Centre

William Maddux, Roderick Swaab, Betania Anure, Elin Williams

Winner, 2015 EFMD Case Writing Competition, Indian Management Issues and Opportunities Category


Claudia Zeisberger, Anne-Marie Carrick


2015 Management Science Meritorious Service Award

Management Science

Sameer Hasija

2016 MSOM Distinguished Service Awards


Serguei Netessine

2016 Editorial Board Service Award, Academy of Management Learning & Education

Academy of Management

Annual Meeting

Gianpiero Petriglieri

2015 Management Science Meritorious Service Award

Management Science

Ilia Tsetlin

2015 Informs Simulation Society Distinguished Service Award


Enver Yucesan