2015/2016 has been another successful academic year for INSEAD’s Executive Education, having provided powerful learning experiences for business leaders around the world.

Our focus on innovation and excellence has ensured that we remain firmly at the cutting edge of the fast-evolving executive education industry. We have maintained strong revenues across all regions and deepened our relationships with new and existing market-leading clients. With our award-winning online programmes, our reach and influence have spread even further.

Open Enrolment Programmes

INSEAD’s Open Enrolment Programme business continues to perform very well. During this year, we identified a new opportunity in the digital transformation and innovation space. Reacting quickly, we have already created a new family of programmes focused on this topic.

We have developed and launched: a Leading Digital Marketing Strategy programme; an Innovation by Design programme to be delivered in our new Creative Garage in Singapore; and our first fully online Open Enrolment Programme, Strategy in the Age of Digital Disruption. We also have taken our Blue Ocean Strategy programme to the United States.

The academic year 2015/2016 also saw INSEAD further secure its market-leading position in Directors’ Education and Corporate Governance. We have strong demand for our flagship International Directors Programme which now runs on both the Europe and Asia campuses. Our success in this area is driven by an excellent collaboration between Executive Education and INSEAD’s Corporate Governance Initiative.

Custom Programmes

For our Custom Programme business, our faculty and staff design and deliver innovative, high-impact programmes that address the challenges faced by global, industry-leading organisations today. Currently, we see strong interest in programmes focused on Leadership, Digital Transformation, Innovation, Strategy and Strategy Execution.

As the custom programme market is highly competitive, it has been satisfying to see that we are recognised as world leaders in this field. During the year, we have been selected as a partner for strategic executive development projects by new clients all around the globe.

As our clients attest, the combination of INSEAD’s world-class, highly diverse faculty, our organisation-targeted content, forward-looking educational practices and an approach that emphasises partnership, make our Custom Programmes unique among its peers.

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Online Activity

Fuelled by a strong collaboration among faculty, the online programme development team and Executive Education sales and marketing, our new online activity has grown significantly.

We now have had over 10,000 participants in our award-winning customised online programmes.

We continued to develop new programmes including ones on Dynamics in the C-Suite, Digital Transformation and Corporate Strategy. With the launch of our first cascade programme for Telenor, we are training senior managers in person and then cascading the knowledge out to their reports with a customised online programme. We also deliver hybrid programmes that combine online and in-person delivery to the same group.

Our first online Open Enrolment Programme is seeing strong response from the market. As part of our commitment to lifelong learning, we extended access to alumni to a Beta version of the hybrid programme. As we look to scale up our portfolio of programmes and clients in the coming year, we will continue to experiment and innovate in our programme designs.

Throughout the last year, we have been further developing and piloting study@INSEAD, our world-class digital interface for our participants. This engaging digital platform has been used successfully for our General Management Programmes and soon will be rolled out across our portfolio of open programmes and many of our custom programmes.

Ambitious plans and a strong pipeline of business opportunities in each of our key markets means that Executive Education foresees a highly successful and exciting year ahead.

Award-Winning Programmes

INSEAD’s award-winning, Customised Online Programmes gained even more recognition this year.

To our 2015 medals, we added the 2016 EFMD Gold Medal for Excellence in Practice for our work with Microsoft. We also won the 2016 Gold Medal for the Chief Learning Officer Magazine Award for Excellence in Academic Partnership and the Bronze Medal for Excellence in Content for our work with Accenture.

The school’s Customised Online Programme for Microsoft — the first of its kind at the time of its launch in 2015 — was based on the techniques and technologies of Massive Open Online Courses, but tailored to Microsoft’s exact needs. The six gold and two silver awards it has received since are testament to its phenomenal results. The programme has had a global reach of over 5,000 sales executives with deep engagement from learners and an 85% completion rate. We also have received enthusiastic feedback from participants’ managers and reports of robust, tangible business impact, as Microsoft rapidly transforms at a global scale.

This Customised Online Programme was delivered through an accessible and engaging blend of high quality video lectures, quizzes and simulated exercises. Participants also benefited from online discussions, personal reflections, case studies and peer-to-peer feedback with guided real-world assignments.

For over half a century, INSEAD has been a pioneer in management and Executive Education. Today, by harnessing the power of digital to further expand its reach, the school remains a market leader in this field.


Seven golds, two silvers and one bronze are testament to our Customised Online Programme's phenomenal results.


Chief Learning Magazine Learning in Practice Awards

Excellence in Blended Technology Award
Excellence in Content Award

Brandon Hall HCM Excellence in Learning Awards

Best Results of a Learning Programme
Best Unique of Innovative L&D Programme
Best Advance in Creating a Learning Strategy


EFMD Excellence in Practice Awards

EiP Professional Development

Brandon Hall HCM Excellence in Sales & Marketing Awards

Best Programme for Sales Training and Performance
Best Use of Learning and Talent Technology


Chief Learning Officer Learning in Practice Awards

Excellence in Academic Partner Award
Excellence in Content Award
Peter Zemsky
Bracket Peter Zemsky
Deputy Dean, Dean of ExecutiveEducation; Dean of Innovation
Executive Education and Online team accepting their 2016 EFMD awards for the Microsoft-INSEAD Online Programme
Bracket Executive Education and Online team accepting their 2016 EFMD awards for the Microsoft-INSEAD Online Programme