Talented teenagers from around the globe gathered on the Fontainebleau campus for Summer@INSEAD 2016 — a unique opportunity for students to explore the workings of business.

With Deputy Dean Peter Zemsky as programme director, INSEAD faculty delivered an innovative and experiential curriculum that took students well beyond the campus grounds.

The Classroom and Beyond

In the classroom, students worked on developing their critical thinking skills. These interactive sessions gave them fresh insights into their own capabilities and the collaborative skills necessary to succeed in a fast-paced environment. In an inspiring lecture, Professor Subramanian Rangan challenged them to reflect on their ambitions and consider ways business can be a force for good.

On the Summer@INSEAD blog, students described spirited class discussions around decision-making processes, strategies in business and ways to improve negotiation skills. They revelled in the teaching methods, very different from those in their high-school classrooms, that included group problem-solving projects and simulations.

During the programme, students working in diverse teams, role-played the acquisition and management of a company during its first hundred days. They tackled short-term operational challenges, such as approaching banks for a loan and addressing BBC journalists over an assumed crisis, all while crafting a long-term strategy.

Other highlights included visiting an innovation centre run by the consultancy firm Accenture.

Students also met with Nicolas Brusson, MBA’07J, co-founder of BlaBlaCar, at his start-up’s headquarters in Paris. Brusson described the adventure of establishing and building a start-up, the importance and effects of branding, and strategies for international expansion. Afterwards, he toured the students through BlaBlaCar’s innovative workspaces.

New Internships

In 2016, Summer@INSEAD for the first time offered internships — with seven university students taking part in the programme as counsellors. They developed their leadership and organisational skills while providing academic support and supervision to the participants. The interns also oversaw various social and sport activities.

Next Summer

Since its inception in 2015, Summer@INSEAD has grown exponentially. In 2017, the programme will welcome 80 high school participants – including three students from less privileged backgrounds, sponsored by INSEAD alumni. Ten internships also will be offered.

Summer@INSEAD is a transformative experience for teenagers who want to understand more about business. In the programme, not only do they learn more about themselves, teamwork and other cultures, they also take a big step out into the world of business.



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Deputy Dean Zemsky presents Siji, a Nigerian student, with Certificate of Completion
Bracket Deputy Dean Zemsky presents Siji, a Nigerian student, with Certificate of Completion
Teams design posters for their First Hundred Days project
Bracket Teams design posters for their “First Hundred Days” project
Students relive their inspirational summer during the closing ceremony
Bracket Students relive their inspirational summer during the closing ceremony